Having Done all, Stand

The world races by.
Look my soul! Listen!
Do you not hear
The cry of eternity rising
On the failing breaths of

Unsaved souls?

Go forth and speak.
Worry not in the trials and
Travails you will face.

Take heart; our Savior is our Lord,
Our God:
The Rescuer of Lost Souls.

Do not fall under the assault of the Evil One,
for you will indeed grow weary.
“Having done all… stand” (Eph. 6:13).


3 thoughts on “Having Done all, Stand

  1. Wow Ben, I didn’t know you were into poetry! You’re pretty good too. Great call for us to speak and plant the seed so that those 4 million will hear and possibly accept that gracious salvation.

  2. Thanks Ashley! My challenge lately has been to live with Matthew 28:18-20 in mind every moment. We are called to minister to them, and God will use us as vessels for His great work.By the way, it’s four Billion unsaved souls, not million! How’s the for perspective?

  3. Yeah, I saw that after I made the post…four billion people! That’s depressing, but just more of an admonition for me to go out and tell the world of Christ and Him crucified.

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